Back-lit Film Stock

       Now available Stock in our company                           Click Photo Link 

Mate Film Stock Lot

Pvc, pp, mix stock lot available.

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Poly Banner Stock Lot

Plastic Poly Banner for Printing jet Stock.

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TSP Tape Stock

TSP Tape double side guming TapeStock available.

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 Smoke Grade Gold - Silver Foil

Hot Stamping Foil for Textile Smoke Gold Silver One time used.

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Used Paper Foil

Cigarette Foil , used Paper Foil.

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Cigarette Paper Foil

Foil 24~36" 12um, used Paper Foil.

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Hologram Hot Stamping Foil

Hologram & Silver Foil. 

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Hologram Mix Color Foil

Hologram Foil Used mix color.

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CPP Metalized Film Stock

CPP Metalized Film Stock.

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 Wall Paper 

  (2015 New Petren)

Wallpaper fresh Production 2015 Petren Avail. 

Origin Korea

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Wall Paper

Wall Paper fresh 2015 design Korean Interior style.

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PET (Polyester) Film

PET Film Stock lot,Thickness 12~250um.

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Wallpaper Stock

Wall Paper Stock's avail on regular base.  

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Design Pet Film Stock

Pet 50m+25=75micron

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EXPVC - WPL Film Stock

Mix PVC Film Stock 100mt available.

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Smoke Grade Color Foil

Hot Stamping Foil for Textile Color.

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Fresh B grade HSFoil

HSFoil Fresh Foil B grade for Textile used.

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Hologram Foil

Hologram Foil Used & un-used mix.

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Sun Control Window Film

Solar Film for Auto's Windows use.

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Plastic Film & Foil


We offer plastic film prime and stock lots, packing printing interior and Recycling Grade, Film Grade. regular supply.

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 Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer (Design) Paper use for from Fabrics Stamping paper.

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Heat Transfer Paper Roll

Sadi, Gudi, Heat Transfer Paper Roll.

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AR & Color Film Stock

AR Film & Color Film Stock available.  

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Gumming Tape  

OPP, PVC Gumming Tape:  Box & Packing companies use. Cloth Tape: Clothing, Garment Companies use.  Double Side Gumming Tape: Sticker, Labelling, Banner use. Scotch & Glass Tape: Stationary house, school and office  use.                                                     

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Laminating Coating Sheet

Lamination sheet for coateing card, file, books use for school .

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Sun Control Film

Solar Sun Control Film C Grade.

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 Paper & Paper Stocks

Paper Roll Stocks, Wall paper, Packing Gift warping, Coated, Paper stock lots.

We offer Papers Gumming labels, silicone coated and interior wall papers on regular supply.

Design Paper: Design Paper in Roll and Bales.

Kraft Paper: Liner Board, Kraft Box board in Roll.

OINP ONP Yellow Pages: News Paper in Roll & Yellow pages in Bundles.

OCC SWL PCMC CBS HWS SOP: Scrap Paper in  Bales.

Money Bill Scrap: Scrap Paper in  Bales.

Butter Paper:  Paper in Roll and Bales.

Poly Alu Paper: Paper in cutting Roll and Bales.

Wall Paper:  Paper in Roll.

Silicone Coated Paper:  Paper in Roll.

Gumming Sticker Paper: Paper in Roll. 

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Bopp Clear Foil

Bopp Clear Food Foil Stock.

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Bopp Metlized

Bopp Metlized Food Foil Stock.

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BOPP & Tube Foil

Bopp metlized Tube foil matireal. 

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Tape Double Side

Tape Double side gumming, Film to Film & Paper to Paper / Film to Paper.

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Auto's Solar Film

Solar Sun guard film  Use for:  Auto's Car, Bus, Truck and other ac user auto's  Window Interior, decoration good look Sunshine & AC cooling safe Film.                          

Building Windows Solar Film

Solar Sun guard film  Use for: Building Window Interior, Sunshine & AC cooling safe, Heat protect and cooling safe film,