Plastic: Plastic Raw materials, Recycling Scrap, Goods, ABS, PS, PET, PVC, PP, PC, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE.                                                                                                           Film: Plastic Film, Packing, Printing, Interior Use, PC, Hot Stamping Foil, Alu Alu Foil, Pvc Banner Film Stock,  Aluminum Food Foil, Metallic, Holograph, Spangal Film.       Paper: Paper Fresh & Stock lots & Recycling Scrap, Kraft Paper, Paper Board, Heat Transfer Paper, A4, Tissue Paper Stock.                                                                              Metal:  Metal Tools, Recycling Scrap, Molds, Iron Slags  Iron Short Ball  Secondary Cold Roll  Motors & Compressors, Tips, Aluminum Wire, Scrap.                                     Textile: Fabrics, Yarn, Garments, Stock Goods,  ITY, Spun, Non Spun, Cotton, Check, Chiffon, Velvet, Jersey, Garments Stock lot.                                                                        Chemical: Textile, Industry, Petro Chem, STPP, Soda,                                                     Korean Autos: Korean Auto's Parts, New & Used, Stamping Pars, CNC Parts, Interior Accessories.                                                                                                                         Machinery: Heavy Crane, Excavator, Dozer, Textile, Plastic Industry Used Machine, Machinery Scrap.                                                                                                                   Electronics: LCD Monitor,  Main Board, Parts, HDD, Ram, Cards.                               

Used Goods:  Used Mix Cloths, Shoes, Army Shoes, Polyester Mix, Stocks, Cycle. 

Chemicals & Raw Matireals

FertilizerUrea,DAP,MKP,MAP,Ammonium sulfate

Plastic ChemicalsPP,LDPE/HDPE,DOP,PVC Resin

Pigment ChemicalsIron Oxide,Titanium Dioxide,Zinc Oxide,Carbon Black

Detergent ChemicalsSLES,LABSA,Caustic Soda,Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP),Phosphoric Acid Food Grade.    Click Photo Link                                                                                                        

Flooring G-Coat  

G-Coat safe floor for long time

1-1. G-coat made by plus one(2016.5.3).pdf 1-1. G-coat made by plus one(2016.5.3).pdf
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Crude Rice Bran Oil


1. Acid Value (mg.KOH/gm.) Max. 15. 0 13.17
2. Moisture &Volatile Matter (%) Max. 1.5           
3. Colour Dark Yellow. for more details contact us.                    Click Photo Link  


We offer Stone "Marble,Onix, Granite, White Stone" for construction and Goods art manufacturing. for more details contact us.                                     Click Photo Link  

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Aloe Gel  

Vera Aloe Gel & Dried Freez Powder for Export                          Export: Like Aloe Gel for Juice food industry.       Click Photo Link 

            Jute Yarn & Goods             Jute Yarn, Canvs, Rope

     We offer JUTE Yarn, Goods for Export as on                buyer required.    Click Photo Link                        

Raw Cotton  for Yarn

Cotton raw for Spining Mill use Yarn Production

We offer Raw Cotton for Spining mill make Yarn production, Pakistan, India, Vitname Origin avail.                             Click Photo Link  

Used Shose, Cloths Raw Matireal Orignal Korea

Used Cloths, Bags, Shoes & Bicycle

Used cloths: four weather used cloths avail.  all used goods related Textile and Garments  Carpet, Blanket, Bag, Mat, Bed Mattresses , Pillow Wool (polyester & Cotton)  Shoes : Men, Women, Baby separate and mix shoes. New Shoes Stock lot International Brand and Korean Brand. original rugs on kg base and special selected items on order.  

Absorbent Cotton

Cotton 100% for Medical Instruments

We offer Absorbent cotton wool, The cotton is perfect for beauty; light drainae wounds, the alcohol sterile, cleaning the medical instruments.                            Click Photo Link